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“Making sand castles is one of the great traditions of the Kiwi summer. Hyundai New Zealand is celebrating this and giving New Zealanders the chance to win a Santa Fe for a year! You will not want to miss out on taking part in this fun and easy competition.
My name is Joel Sheely and my passion is sand sculpting . I'm here to give you my Best sand sculpting tips to get you started on your competition entry.”

Remember it is really easy, just build a sand sculpture, take a photo, upload to bit.ly/Xf9MJj and share with your Friends to vote on. The sculpture with the most votes by the 17th of February will win the grand prize.

“Number 1 - Start With A Plan: Draw a rough sketch of the sculpture you'd like to build. Be creative! There are going to be a lot of sculptures so make yours stand out”

“Number 2 - Wet The Sand: Dry sand is impossible to work with. By wetting it, it will hold its shape, but not just a few drops of water- really soak it and you can do way more amazing things with it”

“Number 3 - Pack The Sand: The tighter you pack the sand, the better it will hold together. The better it holds together, the more detail you can achieve”

“Number 4 - Don’t Get Frustrated: If something doesn't work out as planned, or a tower topples over, don’t despair – use a bit of kiwi ingenuity and improvise”

“And Number 5 - Have Fun with it: Enjoy what you are doing, Laugh when things go wrong, Hi-five when things go right and all in all have a good time with your family and friends”

“So you now know how to create your own masterpiece. All you have to do now is get creative, photograph your finished sand sculpture and upload a photo to Hyundai New Zealand’s Facebook App.

Don’t forget to. Get your friends and family to vote for it and you could be into win the Santa Fe for a whole year!! Imagine that!! ‘but remember you have to be 25 years to be eligible to win, so enter with your family” Go to hyundai.co.nz for more details”

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