Intro to the Series
Our series entitled Moving Forward revolves around the life of three people... Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz.

We are learning about the commitment of Ruth, the persistence of Naomi, and the integrity of Boaz.

Their story is found in the Old Testament book of Ruth.

Although a small book, the book is a gem! There is so much to gather and learn about God and ourselves.

Allow me to remind you about some important aspects of the book:
First, the book stresses that God welcomes everyone (non-Israelites) into the Old Testament covenant. If non-Jews (gentiles) show the devotion of Ruth, they will enjoy the blessings of the covenant. We tend to think of the Old Testament as a book that deals merely with Israel, but books such as Ruth (and Jonah) allows us to see that God had a plan for all nations to come to his knowledge.

Second, the book of Ruth is also a literary masterpiece. The story features are highly artistic, almost poetic, and rhythmic. The story uses language in powerful ways.

Thirdly, the book of Ruth teaches God’s divine providence. “In much of the Bible, God intervenes directly and supernaturally in human affairs to effect the purposes of redemption. But in Ruth no guidance comes through dreams, visions, angelic messengers, or voices from heaven. No prophet arises to announce, “thus says the Lord.” Instead, God, “is everywhere—but totally hidden in purely human coincidences and schemes...””

Fourthly, ultimately, the book of Ruth is a book about godly relationships. The book of Ruth reminds us that in spite of the tragedy, disaster, adversity, trials, tribulations, twists, turns, and temptations that life throws at us, we must are called to be committed to God and committed to each other and leave the results of that commitment up to God.

Last week we introduced the notion that nothing tests the commitment or our relationships more than tragedy, turmoil, and temptations.

We said that, “Our relationship with our fellows and our relationship with God are so linked that we cannot disturb one without disturbing the other.”

Last week we focused on Ruth’s Commitment to Move Forward as found in Ruth 1:1-18.

From the life of Ruth we learned three principles that stay committed to each other and committed to God when tragedy strikes.

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