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What is Mõ Ventus?
Mõ Ventus is an exciting and architecturally unique luxury zero-energy home that we want to build for, or with you.

This house is unconventional in that it’s designed as a luxury zero energy house, not bound by geography, climate or access to a power grid and can be built literally anywhere in the world, on or off the grid.

This innovative, sustainable private residence known as Mo Ventus was designed without a client in mind, and therefore is designed with inherent, built-in flexibility and 70% customization potential.

This private residence has four definitive characteristics and aspirations:

1) The first pertains to Mõ or Mõtus: The real-time transformation of the main living area and home-office/studio through the mõtus or movement of large composite retractable screens and insulated shells that allow for the micro-management of day-lighting, heat gain, openness, and privacy.

The Living Area (Kitchen, Dining & Living Room) has nearly unlimited combinations of screen and shell positions. The screens and exterior shell ride on track and are moved throughout the day as desired, producing a completely transformative environment, from open glass to patterned screens with diffuse light to solid walls all at the owners discretion or automatically adjusted to changing climatic conditions.

2) The second pertains to Ventus: Mo Ventus functions as a zero-energy design capable of being built in remote, on- or off-the-grid locations, with wind (or Ventus) and sunlight being the major energy contributors.

This house is organized so as to embrace and utilize the features of an unique landscape and dramatic sloping site. The topographically integrated cup or curved form is sited towards prevailing winds and is designed to increase by five-fold the wind speed and resultant energy. The resultant wind-produced energy is stored via hydrogen fuel cells on site for later use.
The photovoltaic array, four embedded bi-directional wind turbines, and fuel cells provide power to meet all operational needs enabling the house to be remotely located off the grid.

3) The third is that Mo Ventus offers the choice of full immersion in nature and real connectedness to its environment through an all glass skin around the main living area and home-office studio, providing 180 degree views top, bottom and sides. Mo Ventus takes up the challenge of maximizing sustainable features without losing the soul of the house -- Sustainability has equal priority but not sole priority in Mo Ventus. The house attempts to find a balance, through a renewed focus on spatial quality, real connectedness to the environment and uses mechanical means at times to balance openness and heat gain as necessary.

4) The fourth is that Mo Ventus provides an inspired home-office studio. A distanced and contemplative yet stimulating space that is physically separated via an open air cantilever bridge, but visually and psychologically connected to the body and life of the main house. Mo Ventus attempts to define a quintessential and inspirational home office environment for the not so faint of heart.

Mo Ventus is best suited for fresh- or saltwater beachfront locations with moderate slopes and temperate climates, but can be adapted for inland mountain topography with a range from tropical to alpine climates.

A list of some suitable international sites for Mo Ventus would include but is not exclusive to:
Paradise Valley, Arizona
Sonoma, California
Trancoso, Brazil
Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica (Four Seasons)
Turtle Island, Fiji
Allen Island, Washington, US
Hong Kong
Krabi, Thailand
Aspen, Colorado
Hainan Island, China
Punta Mita, Mexico (Four Seasons)

On account of the floor plan’s linear configuration of bedrooms along the top edge, the footprint of the residence can range between 5,000-12,000 square feet depending on the owner’s desires and building site conditions.

Project construction costs are estimated at $3,500,000 to $10,000,000 US Dollar (depending on client needs, total square footage, site conditions, and local costs), more details are provided on the project website

Mo Ventus is represented by Ryan Ole Hass MBA of Nourmand & Associates, Beverly Hills, California, we’re excited for the possibility of working in conjunction with you and your contacts to move this project forward and see it built.

We would be interested in learning of your interest in building this unique, one of a kind house in a location of your preference anywhere in the world.

To speak with Ryan or Todd Theodore Fix about Mo Ventus, kindly contact Ryan Ole Hass.

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