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After Deke’s (Michael Martin) violent rampage in "Dead Right", his brother Bennie (Mitchell Martin) decides to take care of his sibling once and for all. Bennie hires The Surgeon (Gino Vigil), a particularly twisted hitman with a penchant for torture, to capture Deke and make him pay for his crimes. When Deke wakes up drugged in a grubby, makeshift hospital room, being tended to by the creepy Nurse Bobo (Becker Von Felsburg), he begins to fashion a plan for survival. Handcuffed to a gurney and left in a desolate room, there is no easy escape for Deke.

Directed by: Daryl Della
Executive Producers: Daryl Della, Michael Martin
Produced by: Ray Revello, Chris Cairo
Associate Producers: Hank Della, Patty Martin, Mitchell Martin, Marcus Martin
Screenplay by: Hank Della
Original Score by: Arbel Bedak arbelbedak.com
Special Makeup Effects: Josh Russell & Sierra Russell
Poster Artwork by: Craig Paton craigpaton.com

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