listen in Stereo, headphones work best

Video by Laurens Roorda and Thijs Molenaar (

Mix & mastering: Sandor Caron of Knalpot. Sandor mixed my sound FOH and slightly mixed/mastered the audio-recording from these 3 HD cameras. The proper audio-recording crashed unfortunately but the camera sound is pretty ok

This is an excerpt of a solo concert i played on 14dec 2012 in Muziekgebouw aan't Ij, Amsterdam. I had the honour to open for Ben Frost's Music for 6 guitars (which I enjoyed a lot playing with straight after my show, hence quick change-over). Before me Seth Josel performed Morton Feldman's "Possibilty for a new work for electric guitar", which did set a great mood. This was a "Listen to This" night organized by Muziekgebouw aan't Ij and also part of the Amsterdam Electric Guitar Heaven Festival.
This is an excerpt from an open form piece called 'A sphere for Albert Sutter, Wolfgang Vanoli and Rudy Lisapaly'. It is dedicated to my 'three' grand-fathers, they passed away within a short period of time in spring 2012.

This was the 5th time I used this set-up live. Everything you hear is created live on stage with a heavily boosted fender stratocaster (to make microscopic sounds and extended techniques like blowing on the strings, singing on strings, scraping, bashing on different parts of the instrument more audible). I had to take my whole Knalpot EFX set-up on stage since i needed it for a Knalpot concert the next day, I had no time to prepare a smaller set-up... What i used pedal-wise wasn't much: booster --> volume pedal --> EH Freeze --> a Boss DD6 (for occasional mini-loops) --> Line6 DL4 (for looping). All this runs into a 6-way-ampswitcher built by Foppe Talman. It's an ingenious switcher I dreamt about for a long time and Foppe made that dream come true (He's my man!) This time i used it to switch between 3 tiny/lofi crappy mini amps and 3 big/hifi tube amps that are placed all over that big stage (On the little foto here you don't see all my amps, it's Frost's backline). If you listen in stereo at some parts you can really here the placement of the amps and there's a lot happening with frequencies. Foppe and I will be working on an updated version of the switcher that will allow combinations of amps. For the moment I can only use one amp at a time plus eventually a bassamp which is accessed through a splitterand placed in center, can add it any time with an A/B-box. one RC20 for looping is right before the bassamp. Split-out from DL4 goes to a Bug Brand PT delay --> another DL4 (for looping dubs) --> to PA. Actually this is a handluggage set-up if a venue provides 7 amplifiers. Hope you like the music - all my best, Raphael

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