BioDome is an installation developed by Beer van Geer, Jarno Burger & Dennis de Bruijn. This installation is a dome structure the size of 5x5m with live visuals and sounds generated by the user. With a mirrorball and homemade projection techniques the hole dome is illuminated 360degrees.

Users have the opportunity to enter the dome to interact with images and sound by the use of biofeedback. The visuals and auditory feedback will respond to a range of pulse patterns generated by the user. Different heartrate patterns reflect different states and generate a dynamic atmosphere through color, animation patterns, musical melodies and rhythms.

The user will gain insight into internal processes and can feel and control through simple breathing techniques. The breathing techniques will be illustrated in the installation and within a few minutes to learn. The Biodome not only provides an innovative way of interaction, but drills out a totally new perception area where the inner world of man is visible.


Past Events:
TodaysArt 2012 – 21 & 22 september 2012 –
Into the great wide open 2012 – 7 , 8 & 9 september 2012 –

Tanja Busking

Gossamer - Name Tape

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