With the onslaught of cold coming into New York City, I’m starting to get a little congested. The problem is… I have to record a song on Friday and I need my voice to be in perfect shape.

So, I gotta clear out some of this phlegm!

There’s a number of vocal exercises that I do exactly for this purpose. Today I’m going to teach you an exercise that is great for sickness and health:

The Water-Gun Resonator

Bring your right index finger to the soft tissue behind your ear, in between where you’re skull starts and jaw ends. That’s your “target” for the “water-gun”. Keep your finger there and make a “water-gun” out of your left hand. Aim the “water-gun” and use your thumb as a trigger to spray straight through your skull at the “target”.

As if your voice is the water, sing “ninga ninga ning nang ning” three times. The third time is like is a super spray, it’ll be a little bit longer, because you’re getting all the rest of the water out of your “water-gun” that you stored up before you go to refuel (from the hose out back and then join all the other kids in the alley to play again ☺).

The Water Gun Resonator not only clears out phlegm, but it also wakes up the sides of your face, opening up your singing for a fuller, more resonant sound.

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