Shadow is a full body motion capture system comprised of 17 inertial measurement units, shoe insole pressure sensors, and a controller enabling wifi streaming and data logging of 3d human body motion.

Setup for a recording session is short and simple. After securing the straps and shirt, the wearer performs a short calibration process. Total setup time takes about 5-10 minutes. After setup, full body position and rotation information can be streamed in real time to a PC.

After a recording is completed, the skeleton animation data can be imported into a variety of content creation applications or data analysis tools using industry standard file formats such as FBX.

A software development kit is included to access real-time sensor data in custom user applications, and a 3d skeleton viewer application is included for preview of real time data.

Because no cameras are required, Shadow can be used anywhere. In remote locations, where no PC or wifi network is available, a performance take can be stored directly to Shadow's on-board memory for later download. The user can easily start and stop recording using an iPhone, iPad, or other wifi-enabled mobile device.

Shadow makes it possible to efficiently record high quality human body motion capture data, requiring little or no cleanup.

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