Hopefully an amusing little short demoing some camera moves with the Canon 5d

I have been fighting this camera since its release in terms of stable hand holding, follow focus and general practicality

This has lead me to create my own 'Half inch Rails' rig halfinchrails.com which I will be producing more of if there is some interest.

This is movie is shot handheld on the rig, on sticks, and with the rig mounted on a CMR blackbird stabiliser

One may observe handheld focus pulls, some dynamic handheld moves, using the stabiliser vehicle to vehicle and also walking with the stabiliser

the stabiliser is used both at 24mm and fully zoomed 105mm

The sticks shots are the 4002.8(+1.4) shot of the vehicle down the drive and the 300(5.6) shot - the last in the building entrance sequence - where a big focus pull is mixed with a big tripod move (inspired by Munich)

To me the best rig shot is at the begining where I track Will into his motor panning, pulling focus and booming into the car window

The opening jump cuts are inspired by Layer Cake, the whole Case thing is seen in many classics, Jackie Brown, Ronin Etc

The last shot (on the rig) opens with a large drop of the camera, follows the talent from above his head to knee height and then in placed on the ground to watch the car depart in a stable manner

Shot with no crew (apart from second driver), lighting, grading, in about 2 hours, hopefully we see the little camera can create a costly look on the cheap..

Camera sam morgan moore sammorganmoore.com

"Man" Will willmodel.com


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