Silver Star Mountain (Skamania County)
Elevation: 4390 ft / 1338 m
January 12, 2013

Climbing was a must, to what degree I was uncertain, but the feeling was completely necessary to get outdoors with what little time was afforded over the weekend. A summit bid up Mount Hood seemed appropriate, but then again time with friends is often more enjoyable than running around solo.

Having hiked up as far as daylight would permit on the southern flank of Silver Star one week prior made the mountain seem a tantalizing fail safe objective. Having a group of five made this mark seem appropriate. Our hope then lied in favorable conditions allowing us the freedom to bypass 3 miles of snowed in road travel by foot and our hopes later came to pass.

Persistence payed off in the end.

(Note: This footage initially was shot for the sole purpose of testing a new shotgun microphone. Later I found myself enjoying the experience so much that I had filmed a quick short. I hope you enjoy it and I intend to continue making more films showcasing my favorite getaways.)

Appearances by: Josiah Zukowski, Benjamin Turman, Chris Gabler, Tyler Green and James Holk

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