A multichannel video installation, 2012
Faces of Los Altos, Los Altos History Museum

Video portraits of everyday faces around Los Altos mingle with archival photos from the Los Altos History Museum, celebrating the people who work, play, and live in this community.

Home-style digital frames and candid scenes remind us that we are all “history,” each bringing our personal, irreplaceable points of view to this place and point in time. A live feed of downtown Main Street displays what is happening right now in town as an exploration of the ephemeral nature of history and our place within it.

The accompanying sound collage features the riding lawn mower from the soccer field right next to the Busbarn Theatre; zumba music at a civic center exercise class; pedestrians walking on Main Street; the Terrible Adult Chamber Orchestra of Silicon Valley; teens being picked up outside of their first LAYC Dance; laughter, conversation and latte steamers at the Main Street Café; water flowing in Adobe Creek. These are the sounds of early 21st century Los Altos.


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