Band: Mostly Other People Do the Killing// Album: Slippery Rock// Label: Hot Cup Records// Release Date: Jan 22nd, 2013// "Yo, Yeo, Yough" was engineered and mixed by Ryan Streber at Oktaven, and mastered by Seth Foster.
Video Content © 2013 Yuan Liu.

"Mostly Other People Do the Killing is frequently typecast as one of today's most humorously irreverent young jazz groups, based in no small part on their provocative name, which was inspired by a quote attributed to inventor Leon Theremin—a survivor of the Soviet gulag who exonerated Stalin because 'mostly other people did the killing.' Bassist and founder Moppa Elliott (born Matthew Thomas Elliott) has repeatedly insisted in interviews that the band isn't actually intended to be irreverent however, as much as it is anti-hero worship."- TROY COLLINS- All About Jazz- January 21, 2013

Director/Writer Yuan's approach to cinema: a letter to the sub-conscious... interested in magnifying surrealism in visuals in a free form... a mathematical contemplation on the social cache behind the individuation process of a quixotic way of life.

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