A sample video (one of 63) from the Year 11 Legal Studies App (available February on the App Store: itunes.apple.com/au/app/prelim-legal/id595309441?ls=1&mt=8).

This covers the conditions that give rise to law reform, including:
- Failure of existing law
- Changing social values
- New concepts of justice
- New technology

This, like all the videos in the app, covers all of the Learn TOs, Learn ABOUTs and THEMES from the syllabus.

It includes some examples of law reform in action, namely:
- the reform of the partial defence of provocation;
- the legal recognition of same sex relationships; and
- restorative justice programs,
as well as tons of laws, cases and media reports to use in exam answers.

The 'Law Reform in Action' topic is greatly expanded upon in the app, this is just a small part of it to give some immediate examples so that students understand how certain conditions can lead to law reform.

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