We're considering the purchase of a BMCC as our primary "behind the scenes" documentary camera for our upcoming successful Kickstarter road-feature film ZEN DOG.


We like the BMCC because of its ability to shoot in pro res. Our lead documentarian on the road needs to edit footage each night so that he can share TWO 5-10 minute raw, behind the scenes videos with our Kickstarter subscribers. These will be released to private audiences every Wednesday and Sunday night, documenting our on-going progress for our 4 week indie shoot. There is no need for conversion when shooting native pro res with the BMCC, just one of the aspects that made the Alexa so popular.

Austin Flack and Rick Darge wanted to see just how the BMCC stacked up against a Red Epic shooting in Full Sensor 5k at 23.98 with a 180 degree shutter. Both cameras were equipped for Canon EF lens mount control so we limited ourselves to the Canon-Mount Tokina 11-16 zoom, a Canon 17-55 zoom and the Canon 100mm L series macro lens with IS. Austin brought along his Heliopan 2-8 stop Fader ND filter. You will notice that the filter vignettes with the large 1.3x crop sensor of the Epic but not on the BMCC.

We wanted to test not only the differences in crop sensor and how that affects the same lens but also how DOF was affected and more importantly, how the BMCC rendered highlights next to the expensive EPIC.

To our surprise the BMCC held up very nicely and is the perfect choice for our doc camera given the nature of our production. I believe we can easily use the BMCC to cut in insert shots for locations that may prove difficult to bring an Epic with Angenieux glass to. There are some shortcomings with the BMCC as any camera system has but those can honestly be overlooked considering the extremely low cost of the camera, and the portability options. We look forward to using ours on ZEN DOG. Please BMCC, send us a camera!

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