Happy Lobotomy is a high security mental health institution. Nonetheless, the inmates patients are willing to escape, and they take every opportunity they have to try.
While awaiting the final chance to escape, we’ll be able to see the everyday of the institution and the relationships established among inmates, the director and the security team.

An explosive triangle which will often make us doubt who really is mentally ill...

Created by
Santi Gonzalez & Santi Comella

Designed and animated by
INSOMNE estudi (Alex Morales & Santi Comella)

Music, FX and Sound mix
Oscar Gamell

Voice Recording
Sonica Studios (London)

Jhonny Daukes
Laurence Bouvard
David Hold

Thanks to
Enric Bach, James Humber, Leticia Marcos, Cecilia Puig, Ana Cueto, Jorge Sánchez, Jorge Domenech, Ori Puig, Anna Puig.


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