14 min - 16:9 - thriller/comedy - Director and screnwriter: Marko Kattilakoski
Available subtitles: English, French, Portuguese, German and Polish.

During a coffee break two men, wearing protective suits, are having a conversation about Chernobyl, Harrisburg, Forsmark and nuclear meltdowns. Back at work their lack of empathy makes them true professionals. And someone else becomes a victim.

Produced by: Marko Kattilakoski & Daniel Morin. Music: Ronny Rasmusson. Editing & VFX: Daniel Morin. Camera: Daniel Morin & Agneta Morin. Sound Design: Daniel Morin. On set audio recording: Annelie Morin. Slate: Johan Karlsson. Lighting design: Daniel Morin. Light rigging: Daniel Morin, Johan Karlsson & Agneta Morin. Costume: Marko Kattilakoski.

HILLEWOOD / Matchlock Film / Bad Day Productions

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