I always like thinking that getting shoes specifically for a certain task make you better at said task. When I was a little kid, I remember begging my parents for the newest skateboarding shoes and trying to sell them how essential they were for making me good at skating.

My mom got me these Simpson racing shoes for Christmas pretty much without me asking, she probably just wanted to spare me the embarrassment of pleading with her to get them for me lest I should never be a good drifter. I'm not really sure if they made me better, but I was certainly stylin' on all of my friends this event.

There was no tire changing station at this event, which was a first for me, and I showed up with only about 20% tread on my wheels hoping to just swap tires after a few runs. I was throwing sparks from the chords on one of the wheels until it blew up, and I had to put on an old, extremely worn tire just to make it home. I didn't get as many runs as I had wanted, but I will definitely try to be more prepared next time.

E-braking was the dominant form of entry this event, and I even started to use it a little mid drift to maintain angle. Once I do something about this sad motor, I will definitely need to look into investing in a hydraulic setup.

Also, some creepy guys wore onesies to the starting grid. I don't know who they were, but one of them had a beautiful mustache.

Special Thanks:
J9 Fabrication
Brett Long
Matt McPherron
Firebird Raceway
Trial By Fire
Direct port nitrous injection, four-core intercoolers, an' ball-bearing turbos, and... um... titanium valve springs. Thank you.

Discovery - So Insane

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