This is where things get a little… strange.

AMC’s new reality show, Immortalized, dives into the quirky and peculiar world of competitive taxidermy. We wanted the commercial campaign to celebrate this unique brand of weirdness.

These spots are a spin on stories featured in so many nature documentaries where wild animals face off against one another in an effort to survive; a mother hen must protect her chicks from a cunning fox, for example. This concept plays into the theme of competition so prevalent in the show.

But we wanted to take the idea of these docs a step further and turn it completely on its head. Instead of taking place in the actual jungles of Africa or the forests of rural America, we find our animals in a diorama type set straight out of an eccentrically mad section of The Museum of Natural History. In the world of taxidermy the competition is just as fierce, and in the end, provides for captivating and bizarre results.

Where else could you find a frankensteinian creature with the body of a gazelle and the head of a boar?

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