opera dance film installation | 3 channel video installation HD 16:9 | 13 min loop
by Lutz Gregor
premiered Jan 10th 2013 at ARTEs Festival TEMPS D’IMAGES

Connected hearts, even when apart. The synchronicity of simultaneous events. Urban bodies move to inner landscapes. City as body as city - arteries, neural pathways, fluids... lanes and canals. Water, mirroring reflexions, phantasies. Travel and eroticism stretch time... A topography of senses, a place where eyes and ears open. Venice.
Wherever we go, we stay the same.

Alto Giove (Porpora, Polifermo, 1735)

Annabelle Lee (Reynolds, Fortuna, 2011)

Dido’s Lament (Purcell, Dido & Aeneas, 1685)

concept + artistic direction lutz gregor
vocals brian asawa (brianasawa.com)
dance + performance sara simeoni, karl schreiner
original music james reynolds (jamesreynolds.de)
musical arrangement tobias kremer, james reynolds
music recording, editing, mixing phil kullman, 
raw artistic studios, cologne
camera thomas kutschker
assistance martin züfle, malou züfle

sponsored by
Kunststiftung NRW,
 Ministerium für Familie NRW, 
Tanzhaus NRW, 
Mousonturm Frankfurt
imai - inter media art institute
contact film
 lutz gregor

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