Church. Food. Thursdays, 7pm
St Aldates Church, OX1 1BP

Act 1: Creation [Beginning with… Adam and Eveolution?] 17/01/13
Act 2: Exodus [Some thoughts on Moses, addiction and half a cow] 24/01/13
Act 3: Exile [Chocolate calendars for when life falls apart] 31/01/13
Act 4: INCARNATION [Wondering at the mystery of presence] 14/02/13
Act 5: Crucifixion [Majestic humility and all its consequences] 21/02/13
Act 6: Resurrection [The art of defying despair] 28/02/13
Act 7: Pentecost [The now and the not yet] 7/03/13
Act 8: NEW CREATION [Questions of heaven and hell] 14/03/13

(Music: The Temperature of the Air on the Bow of the Kaleetan by Chris Zabriskie (

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