An attractive young couple's open relationship stretches to the breaking point when they find themselves falling in love with their respective flings.

"Fling" (internationally titled "Lie to Me") is the award-winning debut feature from writer/director John Stewart Muller. It was co-written and produced by Laura Boersma, Muller's partner at Santa Monica-based Granfalloon Productions.

It stars Brandon Routh ("Superman Returns", "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World", "Dylan Dog: Dead of Night"), Steve Sandvoss ("Rumor Has It", "Latter Days"), Nick Wechsler ("Revenge", "Roswell"), Shoshana Bush ("Dance Flick"), Courtney Ford ("Parenthood", "Dexter", "The Vampire Diaries") and Ellen Hollman ("Spartacus: Vengeance", "Skateland", "Weeds").

"Fling" is available worldwide on Netflix Instant, VOD, DVD, Showtime, The Movie Channel, and more.

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