Locals know the worst thing about Air Jordan is the competition. In order to get AJ untouched you gotta get up early and be almost first in the Peak Chair line up, then once you upload make a B-Line for the AJ mound and hope you beat the Ausis' to it. Once in the zone you must quickly catch your breath, ignore the hundreds of people screaming at you from the lift line, and then DROP.


You an hit it on a shitty day and hope you make it.

This was my mistake. Ya see I had always wanted to hit Air Jordan but never wanted to compete with the Australians, British, Kiwis, and Canadians who sideslip into the middle pad. So three years ago on a sub-par day with trace amounts of new snow + howling wind I decided to give’er.

This was a bad move because over the past few days the wind had shaped some (very hard) wind lips in the landing, + removed all the snow off the middle section. “This doesn’t look too bad I thought” -so I went for it- Bad idea… I got backseat, then launched into the wind lip bounced and hit another wind lip then came to a dead stop. And omewhere in the twisting, truing, bouncing and wind lip smacking I fractured my T12 vertebra.

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