"Next of Kin is a very ‘European’ Australian horror thriller. Set in a spooky Hammer Horror-type mansion, moodily lit by cinematographer Gary Hansen and set to a score by German electronic music pioneer Klaus Schulze, its tone is reminiscent of films from the same era made by Italian horror fantasists such as Dario Argento (see Tenebrae, 1982) and Lucio Fulci (see The Beyond, 1981). Although set in that vast physical and psychological space beyond city limits called the Outback (see The Outback on Screen), its menace comes not from what might be ‘out there’ but from what’s lurking in the walls and memories of an old dark house.

One of many obscure Australian genre films to receive attention in the documentary Not Quite Hollywood (2008), Next of Kin was the second and final film (to date) directed by Tony Williams, a New Zealander with a background in commercials and documentaries whose 1977 debut, Solo, was the first official Australia-New Zealand co-production. The New Zealand Film Commission also contributed to the funding of this well-executed tale that keeps its secrets well hidden until the climax."

-Richard Kuipers, Australian Screen

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