Live recording of Bigudi performing "Shine out" at Myata Club, Tula.

So this is where it starts
Where it takes up its meaning
Unnoticed, accidental
It lays low inside

Then it comes to life
Moving slow, slightly gleaming
And when you least expect it
Changes you overnight
That's right

It's rushing through the door
Through the walls, through the ceiling
You know this feeling
It's bigger than you

And you don't have a clue
You took all the precautions
Just give in to emotions
It's the best you can do

Let yourself shine out
Follow me
Let your voice stand out
Sing with me

Does anybody love you?
Make your days truly special?
Do you feel the affection
Are you just making it up?

And you still have no clue
Lost in everyday motion
Open up to emotions
It's the best you can do

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