This video was created entirely with images, words, and music recorded by Dragons students and instructors in collaboration with local communities (representing 15 countries) who shared their homes, temples, villages, families, music and presence with us. Over 100 contributors from around the world, and growing, weaving together the poetry and magic of this experimental collaboration, Where There Be Dragons' Global Video Project.

Where There Be Dragons is a educational community, creating authentic, rugged and profound cross-cultural experiences that expose the beautiful and complex realities of the developing world.

More videos to come soon. If you've been on a Dragons program, stay tuned for an open invitation to send in your videos to contribute and participate in this ongoing project. If you want to know more about Dragons, visit to learn about who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

VOICES of students reflecting:
China Princeton bridge year - Yun-Yun Li
China South of the Clouds - Eli Rosenthal, Chloe Larkin, Jihelah Greenwald, Alexis Cheney
SE Asia Mekong semester - Sami Burke, Allyson Quigley, Cody Barnes, Lindsey Kelley
Himalayan Studies semester - Madison Shankle, Nicholas Gredin, Soffe Watson

IMAGES filmed by instructors (in order of appearance):
India, Tibet, China, Nepal, Thailand, Bolivia, Peru - Mateo Hinojosa
Silk Road, China - McKay Barrow
Laos, Cambodia, China - Caleb Brooks
Burma, China - Stew Motta
Morocco - Allanna Hearn
Burma - Kara Wong
Guatemala - Juan Salvador Galich
Indonesia - Aaron Slosberg
Peru - Annelies Hamerlinck
Rwanda - Jamie Persons
Rwanda - Ariana DeToro-Forlenza
Jordan - Sarah Hay
Jordan - Paul Fean
Nepal - Amrit Ale

MUSIC composition by: Art Vandelay (Andes and Amazon 2010)
MIXING and MASTERING by: Keith Kopatz

FLUTE played by: Zach Sirotkin (Himalayan Studies, 2012)
SITAR and TABLA: Ravindra Goswami, Ram Chandra Pandit, Narendra Mishra, Kishore Mishra
DRUMS: Kutumba
ADDITIONAL MUSIC by musicians of Ban Xien Man
VOICES singing: the children of Ale Gau Elementary School, Nepal

PRODUCED by: Aaron Slosberg and Susie Reinhart

STUDENTS and INSTRUCTORS collaborating and appearing:
Henry Casserly

Nathaniel Aron
Katherine Blenko
Zoe Ettinger
Katie Fee
Marley Forest
Irene Garcia
Abigail hester
Erik Janson
Margaret Leshner
Alexandra Lovaas
Grey Martin-Buhrdorf
Ye Thao

Jack Betz
Jacob Binzen
Grace Cawdrey
Cooper Feltes
Michele Ferrari
Juliana Heffern
Andrea Herrera
Charles Myers
Julia Rosenheim
Catherine Von Holt
Andrew Wofford

Eliza Browning
Alexis Cheney
Evan Gastman
Jihelah Greenwald
William Hallett
Chloe Larkin
Kira Tebbe
Eli Rosenthal
Talia Brooks-Salzman
Rachel Chen
Justin Kierskey
Sara Galvin
Stew Motta

Zach Ashley

Thomas Denenberg
Sean Fentress
Nicholas Gladstone
Eva Horner
Lucky Jackson
Cecelia Jeffrey
Maya Katz-Al
Sarah Knapp
Julia Reichard
Natalia Shevin
Jenna Spitzer
Elizabeth Teach
Eleanor Tremayne
Matthew Collaciello-Williams
Elizabeth Johnson
Bantu Pandey

Emily Armstrong
William Brokaw
Eliza Culhane
Peter Foster
Lauren Harper
Naya Herman
Alyssa Isabelle
Lyda Langford
Olivia Rothberg
Cassidy Schultz
Scout Vernon

Emma Lister
Leo Lou
Franscis Balken
Olivia Markbreiter
Marshall Surowiec
Justin Vogel
Brendan Powell
Forrest Stone

Cody Barnes
Sampor Burke
Henry Copeland
Solara Farquhar
Thacher Hoch
Lindsey Kelley
Benjamin Pratt
Allyson Quigley
Oliver Rock
Caleb Brooks
Sarah Galvin
Jesse Millet

Alex Ding
Jackson Kenna
Anna Klink
Benjamin Marrow
Deina Mejia
Amber Nielsen
Sharon Shuppe

Laura Aldridge
Emily Alford
Hayley Drury
Maya Fielder
Nicholas Gredin
Morgan Mamon
Anna Medina
Amara Ames
Charles Nunziato
Emily Tatro
Sebastian Vasquez
Japhy Dhungana
Hillary Sites
Gavin Turner
Madison Shankle
John Wyrough
Andrew Billson
Joshua Kohnstam
Soffe Watson
Margaret Sears
Emily Fields
Stacey Morris
Zachary Sirotkin
Christine Lifton
Amrit Ale
Germaine Bartlett-Graff
Derek Shephard

Jamie Whalen
Annelies Hamerlinck

Cameron Barker
Isabel Castellanos
Bermeley Ferreras
Finn Freymann
Oumourumana Jalloh
Gerardo Jauregui
Calum McGuckin
Dilsy Mendez
Alice Woods
Ariana DeToro
Jamie Persons

Silk Road:
Jack Rosenberg
Roger Mittnacht
Robert Hutchins

Alyssa Li

Thanks to everyone! And to all those not mentioned who have contributed and supported, thanks too!

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