This is another Tech demonstraion of my OSM importer.
Import time 2 mins.
convert to spline 1 minute.
This shows the entire state of washington. Loaded into C4d using my OSM importer.

This importer quite capable of importing gigantic data sets into Cinema4D and converting them to usuable splines.

- The questions still remains, can anyone do anything with amount of data C4D.
- Who is my custommer

I am still 50/50 on releasing this at all as I have to earn from it somehow.It represents a significant time investment on my part.

Anyhow, as you can see in this short and silent demo , thats a lot if stuff there. This is of course a crazy amount of data to try to work with , but it is meant as an extreme test to show how robust this importer is.

Music: Don't Touch My Minestrone by Digi G'Alessio (

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