Kurdish Artists in Venice Biennale
Krossing/ PLANET KURDISTAN. 7 June/22 November 2009
Castle City of Dimdim, installation,400x200,150cm

A short interview I made with Baldin in Kurdish, but here is a written description of his work in English:
Like a lost astronaut, astonished and fascinated by the immensity of the universe, sometime I feel myself transported into the unknown, connected to this planet only by a thin thread; being shipwrecked in this reign of wonders, where loss is felt, it's very pleasant. On this spaceship we call earth, the reality we believe to know, appears to me somehow limited and diminished, above all thinking about that parallel dimension and the vanishing of the universe, without time, without borders, past skies where poetry and language of art are hiding:”...the stars are sweet books of verses that pass in the mute silence towards the reign of nothing writing strophes in the silver sky”(G.Lorca).
For this, perhaps, in front of apparently common events like the change of seasons, the force of a sunset, or the fury of a sea storm, I feel often overwhelmed;and every time I wonder if this inadequacy of my “Being-in-world”is not a lack. Indeed, nourishing astonishment and stupor, it is just this inadequacy maintaining my solitary dream. Like a lost astronaut I have left and crossed part of this small great unknown universe, carrying with me only the backpack from my father, the
the same which had belonged to my grandfathers where there was place for feelings, impulses and experiences of that word. Another world. From the deep Kurdistan till the Grey roofs of Utrecht, after having left behind the different shades of white from the snow of my land, I have known the insane blue of the Mediterranean, the delicacy of Tuscan hills and the vibrating grays of the Dutch skies. My background is complex and various. A diversity I share through every piece of my work with those around me.

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