Well, I thought, this is the perfect day to publish my first experimental endeavor towards ‘multimedia’ web documentary. My country celebrates its 64th Republic Day and I am celebrating with my wife for the final ’12 minutes’ outcome of the effort for past few days… cheers, mate!!!

Honestly speaking, this production is not perfect from any angle as it lacks lot of crucial elements in terms of making a perfect web documentary. But while preparing this project, I went through lot of learning curves. The most important one is – Editing. There were different types of editing involved with it – image editing in Adobe Lightroom, sound editing in Wavelab and final ‘composite’ editing in FCS. I did it earlier with motion pictures while doing my earlier conventional documentaries. But this experience is quiet different. It’s a fun also… sequencing images as per the story line, arranging them by using proper key frames to maintain the rhythm, searching for proper background music, writing scripts to place them inside and of course, watching the entire story line for more than 50 times, making corrections and re-arrangement.

I did not have many images for this particular story. These images are from my personal collection, which I was taken during my official assignment for a magazine. Most of the images have been taken by the magazine, which I am not able to publish from my end for next one year as per the contract (I also need to buy my lunch, friend!!!). Secondly, during that time I was neither prepared mentally, nor technologically to make a web documentary; hence I did not have any sound clips or interviews with me (now I have a tiny beast with me, see it here). Having many more relevant images, sound clips and interviews might take this presentation to another level. But I am happy to work with those constrains; it helped me to think more about this production by using my limited resources.

My first little step to this big world of multimedia documentary would never be possible with out the constant support and encouragement by some of my seniors, who showed me the path. This “12 minutes journey” is dedicated to Prabhas Roy (Hindustan Times), Partha Paul (Indian Express), Anamitra Chaklader (NDTV) and Jayanta Shaw (The Times of India) and of course, to Kenneth Kobre for his book “Photojournalism: a professionals’ approach” without which I could not able to understand the term ‘multimedia’.

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