These are a few shots I worked on for the movie Looper, demonstrating the result of some manual tracking/match moving tricks I developed over the years-

I modeled, textured, lit, tracked, and did first pass comps of a futuristic, folding cell phone. Created and rendered in Lightwave, and comped in Fusion. There are two other phone shots in the movie that are not shown here.

The phone is slightly transparent so I had to also track CG fingers to reflect, refract, and cast shadows on the phone. Each of the four folding panel motions had to be individually keyframed.

Tracking the phone was tricky since each of the actor's individual fingers were also slightly flexing so there was no reference point within the plate to definitively track thruout a given shot. It was noticeable if the CG phone wriggled inappropriately by even a single pixel. The phone flaps also had to be animated with slightly more apparent weight than the paper card the actor was holding The phone was rendered in one pass for comp. I avoid rendering extra channels/passes unless necessary.

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