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It was one of the most successful social experiments of the 19th Century; simply called by most -- The Home. From 1870 through 1995, more than 13,500 children were cared for in this remarkable institution.

Now you can help save part of this orphanage's storied history. The Home's cemetery is deteriorating. Wind rain and snow are erasing the names and cracking the tombstones of the one hundred seventeen people who rest here.

In this peaceful meadow lays the brave nurse Olive Smith and the thirty five children she cared for in the Diptheria and Scarlett Fever epidemic of the winter of 1889 - 90. Here too lay countless other small souls taken before their time, as well as dedicated employees and Home alumnae.

They deserve to be remembered. That's why the Home History Fund is raising money to restore and preserve the cemetery, as well as build a monument to those orphans who died defending their country.

We need your help. In gratitude for your minimum donation of $150 or more, the Home History Fund will send you the well-reviewed book A Home of Their Own, as well as the moving DVD that complements it.

Just click on the payment tab that appears on this website. It's easy to use. Your tax deductible donation will insure that this sacred place will stay in our hearts for generations to come.

Please donate now before this cemetery is gone forever. Remember, use the payment tab on this website, or send your name, address and a check with your minimum donation of $150 or more to

The Home History Fund, Inc.
1209 Westwood Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43212

Thank you

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