The Victims from the Tazreen Fashions fire called out for a demonstration at Nischintapur. In the morning a Procession of around 900 people, victims families, garment factory workers community in the surrounding area, activists from all spheres, journalists and rights groups gathered to form a human chain.

Their demands included the actual death tolls to be revealed, compensation of the 40 Lakhs in accordance with the laws of the land be awarded for each dead worker, immediate arrest and trial of the factory owner, fundamental changes in BGMEA’s philosophy and agenda so this can never happen again.

Theatre activist group, Prachanyat performed a short play ''Agoon Khela''/ ''Fire Play''(watch video). The play started with garments workers enacting working on the sewing lines and engaging in everyday chit chat, when suddenly news of the fire spreads they learn they are locked in. At this point, the figures wearing white shrouds appear as the corpses of the murdered workers. The play goes on to show a boardroom meeting of the Bangladesh Garments Manufacturer and Employers Association, where the employers are irritated by the accident, worrying about the costs and a character walks in to the meeting as Delwar Hossain, crying about how much money he has lost (note: he was broadcast on national television crying when the fire first broke out two months ago with far too much airtime). The play ends with the father of a victim paying a visit.

Once the play ended the figures in white shrouds slowly proceeded in front of the human chain and led the procession from Tazreen Fashions garments factory to the grounds of Nischintapur primary school. Family members spoke about their individual experiences where they have not had any communication from the government, have been awaiting results of their DNA tests, yet to identify the body of their loved one. There were also solidarity speeches from Professor Naseem Akhter, Journalist Faruk Wasif, Workers Rights representatives, Shaidul Islam and Activist Anthropologist, Mahmudul Sumon.

This event took place just a day before another garment factory fire which killed seven in Dhaka on 26th January 2013.

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