Kumu Leina’ala Kaahuhailikaukoalaaika’alaneomilona’la Brown & Spirit of Kaua'i

The Kahiko Legend of Mu is being Unveiled .~ Cosmic Universal Creations is a story of the Kahuna, legends of Hawai’I from the Makali’I Hokulani (Stars).

KAUA'I, LEMURIA MU ~ There is a Legend that Uncle Lono I Ka Makahiki taught us in the last 1970’s on the Heiau Huna Mana and Kualoa Kalaiokaio Point where the Heiaiu of the Night Marcher’s come down from and taught us how to see, feel, hear, know them.

He shared with us his Haumana, when Moon turns orange the Island of MU will rise ...

This is floating Island, this will be great and spiritual time of Change for Hawai'i ~ and all of Polynesia, and especially for the entire planet earth … Last Night on the Full Mahinalaulani, from the Kilauea Craters Edge the Moon turned a Golden Orange…. This was on January 26, 2013 time line…of the crystal grid lines of alignment, in the shifting of the time….

Kahuna, Legends of Hawai’I from the Makali’I Hokulani (Stars)


Na ‘Aumakua
Adapted from Hawaiian Antiquities by David Malo

Na ‘Aumakua mai ka la hiki a ka la kau!
Mai ka ho’oku’i a ka halawai
Na ‘Aumakua ia Kahinakua, ia Kahina’alo
Ia ka’a ‘akau i ka lani
‘O kiha i ka lani
‘Owe i ka lani
Nunulu i ka lani
Kaholo i ka lani
Eia na pulapula a ‘oukou ‘o ka po’e Hawai’i
E malama ‘oukou ia makou
E ulu i ka lani
E ulu i ka honua
E ulu i ka pae’aina o Hawai’i

E ho mai i ka ‘ike
E ho mai i ka ikaika
E ho mai i ke akamai
E ho mai i ka maopopo pono
E ho mai i ka ‘ike papalua
E ho mai i ka mana.
‘Amama ua noa.

Ancestors from the rising to the setting sun
From the zenith to the horizon
Ancestors who stand at our back and front
You who stand at our right hand
A breathing in the heavens
An utterance in the heavens
A clear, ringing voice in the heavens
A voice reverberating in the heavens
Here are your descendants, the Hawaiians

Safeguard us
That we may flourish in the heavens
That we may flourish on earth
That we may flourish in the Hawaiian islands
Grant us knowledge
Grant us strength
Grant us intelligence
Grant us understanding
Grant us insight
Grant us power
The prayer is lifted, it is free.

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