Ron Low - circumcised at birth in 1962 - demonstrates the steps tightly circumcised men may need to take for successful use of non-surgical foreskin restoration techniques. The early months of restoring may require a tape method as shown here.

The skin that is commonly removed in circumcision is imbued with thousands of specialized nerve endings, highly sensitive to light touch. The restored skin protects the glans and adjacent mucosa, keeping these parts supple and sensitive. The normal or restored sheath of slack skin provides a mobility that lets the skin glide during intimacy and manipulation, affording the natural mode of frictionless stimulation.

Non-surgical foreskin restoration involves tensioning the skin which induces the skin tube to grow longer so the surviving skin can function somewhat like a foreskin. Although there is no evidence that specialized nerve ending organelles regenerate, the nerve endings which remain can function more as seemingly "intended" by nature because the skin sheds thickened surface layers, stays moist, and slinks around to cause a bending and straightening of the skin which the nerve endings are seemingly "designed" to respond to.

Notes about this method compared to other tape methods:
a) The canister is a consistent round shape with smooth edges where the shaft skin bears.
b) The canister allows for solid fastening of straps or weights, with quick disconnect for urination.
c) The canister allows the glans to be bathed in Eucerin lotion during use, speeding the regained suppleness.
d) This method eliminates the need to find the Point of Equilibrium (POE) or to have a partial erection while applying the device.
e) The canister adds to prominence of the glans so LOOSE PANTS are essential if tugging in a professional setting.

Regarding removing residual tape adhesive:
It's a chore. Remove the tape at the end of a good soaking shower. It may help to think of peeling the skin from the tape, rather than pulling the tape from the skin. As the skin rejuvenates or as layers shed, the skin will get more fragile and the tape may pull away the outermost surface of the skin. Each user needs to find a method that loosens the tape and avoids skin damage. Some will add mineral oil, loitions, or Cetaphil skin cleanser to help the adhesive release.

As mentioned in the video, a restorer may find he has the slack for tapeless methods during the day (strictly flaccid) several months before he would be ready to switch to tapeless methods for any overnight tugging (with nocturnal erections). If possible wearing a Your-Skin Cone to keep the skin retained over the glans during all non-tugging hours is highly recommended.

For help getting started with foreskin restoration, visit to see a wide range of tugging devices available, and, a free online support group, to discuss restoration with thousands of experienced restoring men.

To learn about protecting infants from forced genital cutting visit or, or look for Intactivists on Facebook.

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