This video tutorial teaches you how to do Jumping Lunges. Jumping Lunges are the most difficult variation of the calisthenic, or bodyweight lunge. Once you are comfortable with the 90-90 position, standing lunges, walking lunges, and reverse lunges, you can try this dynamic technique. The idea is to perform consecutive lunges without returning to standing. A few important components to think about are:

Keeping you chest up instead of leaning forward.
Get your thorax, or trunk, moving straight up and down; not forward and backwards.
Jump up while switching, not staying low and alternating leg positions.
To maintain a coordinated arm swing for stability.
These can take practice to become proficient, so stick with it. Good luck and thank you for watching!

FLESERFITNESS is not responsible for anyone hurt or injured attempting anything seen here.

Video instructed by Rachel WS

Video produced by Ray Fleser

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