Are you playing this game yet? It's like Apples to Apples meets Instagram. Or is it like Cards Against Humanity meets Facebook? Whatever it is, it's super additive and in the App Store now!

But yeah, I directed and edited these 3 commercials along with the assistance of the CollegeHumor crew and many other wonderful people.

Client: Awkward Hugs
Project Manager: Julie Babbs
President of Original Content: Sam Reich
Director, editor, animator, commercial concept, audio: Bill Bergen
Vice President of Production / Executive Producer: Spencer Griffin
Writer: Jeff Rubin
Director of Production: Sam Sparks
Director of Post Production: Michael Schaubach
Post Production Producer: Lacy Wittman
Producer: Steve Cozzarelli
Coordinator: Dan Siegal
DP: Jason Beasley
Assistant Editor: Phil Fox
Sound Mixer: Kurt Seery
Post Production Coordinator: Amanda Madden
Hair and Makeup: Amanda Bergen
Talent: Emily Axford, Brian Murphy, Jermaine Fowler, Mike Antonucci, Josephine Huang
Voice over: Josh Rubin
Rick Van Veen and some great people at UnderCurrent. And all the great devs that made this game!

Plus many other great people that are slipping my mind right now!

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