Film by Eric Minh Swenson. Music by Supreme Beings of Leisure

Casper Brindle is an LA artist whose current work directly reflects his Southern California life. The uniqueness of his work is that it integrates, or assembles, panels of painted canvas, photography, the written word and LED lighting. The regularity of the panels gives the series continuity, a scale and an order. It is, however, the uninhibited color that fills the series with the energy of the artist’s life-style.

The “Birth to Sea Flight” series is in three sections.
The first is a homage to the essence of surfing, and focuses on a central photographic image, which is backlit by LED’s. It is contained within an abstract painting with written words on them and is encapsulated by its wood frame. The works read as realistic occurrences within impressionistic moods. The complete works are 81” X 61” or 61” and 31” square.

In the second series Casper represents the moods of the oceans horizons as they relate to him in a linear state. Panels are assembled in a wide format to emphasize the ocean’s infinite breadth and LED lights represent perpetuity for the horizon.
The third series is 31” square assemblies that contain an abstract work with an RGB colored LED module illuminating a single word, like heavy, track and live.

Casper’s “Dislocated stratum” series is his most recent work. They are single panel paintings incorporating LED lighting, acrylic, wood, and coated in epoxy. The paintings translate as abstract stratums layered in a flawless high gloss finish. The LED lights however, bring a new dimension to the paintings as they work as an optical illusion/burst to the viewers’ eye on the horizon. There is no wrong way to read these paintings as they are meant to be interpreted as a personal viewing experience, but all will agree that they are innovative and striking.

Casper was born in Toronto, Canada in 1968, shortly after his parents emigrated there from England. They moved to Los Angeles in 1974. As both his parents were engaged in design industries, one in fashion the other architecture, Casper has always been immersed in a creative environment. Casper was mentored by, and collaborated with internationally acknowledged artist Eric Orr, one of the founders of the light and space movement in California.

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