I was shooting a commercial in Bombay, then , I was inspired by the city lights at night.
So I had the idea of shooting this emotional overnight journey of a young woman through Mumbai's streets. She feels the presence of a man but does this man really exist, and who is he?
This short film has been shot entirely in natural lights with my Canon 5D mkII and a special lens that creates this strange atmosphere.
I have always been inspired by Wong Kar Wai movies, and wanted to build a simple story that could be universally understood and visually strong.
For this film, I wanted to work in the same spirit as the "Nouvelle Vague" directors in the sixties, with minimalist crew for more spontaneity.
We shot with a lot of feeling and freedom, deciding on the locations depending on the light and the sensations. We could improvise anything anywhere at any time, leaving the actors 200% concentrated on their acting with an incredible spontaneity and emotion.
This short film has been presented at the SHORT FILM CORNER in CANNES and awarded in international festivals.

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