this is a 3 minute promo. Super-8, Color/B&W, 13 min, 2008

Travelogue is a road movie, a documentary in dub. Made in super-8, it crosses Portugal and Spain by car to arrive to Morocco. An impressionistic journey through time and space with sound design by The time travelers (Claudia Tomaz and Kevin Walsh) using unreleased music by Full Moon Scientist and Wlad Ighetto a hip hop band from Fes . It was shot in Super-8 without sound using some negative I had for about 10 years. The sound-design and music was
essential to create a strong emotional atmosphere.

director, producer, editor | Cláudia Tomaz
camera, producer | Pedro Urano
sound design | Claudia Tomaz and Kevin Walsh
music | Full Moon Scientist, Wlad Ighetto, Hooligan Night

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