This is the first 5 minutes of "Wisdom, Justice and Love".

The production is a stage preview designed for a small audience, therefore very little filming technique is employed


The play is ultimately a debate between integrity and wealth, with the facade of an interrogation masking the thematic concern. Mr Jacobsen is the highly renowned figurehead of the arms industry and has been captured by Dr Reed, a man who is displayed to be aggravated by Jacobsen's excessive greediness.

The lines between what is right and what is necessary are blurred. The military force that kills thousands each year is the same military force that protects us from chaos and violence, ironically.


Personal Notes:
2 Televisions were used in the production, one is connected to a camera which is concealed behind a curtain and is used to show Doctor Reed acting on the monitor. The other TV is used to play the DVD which is used at certain points throughout the story in order to assist in reinforcing Dr Reed's points, as well as Jacobsen's own points. I had tasked myself with creating a piece that incorporated media elements in order to somehow include my enjoyment of film and this was my method of achieving that.

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