Part 2 (56:28 )
Look at the original WEDWay Peoplemover layout, how it fitted into the existing track, and take a quick tour with Jack Wagner and the Edisson Electric Company. See the updates for Mission to Mars, and have a quick tour of the major shops and restaurants of the era. I then touch on the planned Tomorrowland Train Station, what it would have looked like, the Spires fountains deactivation, and highlights of American Journeys (sorry, no Magic Carpet 'Round the World footage!)

Next, trace the history of the Tomorrowland Stage/Theatre, then take a full multi camera tour on the WEDWay of ORAC-1 with new complete audio mix. Following is a look at the changes to the Carousel of Progress in the early 90`s, and updates to Space Mountain following it`s opening. Take a Dreamflight highlights ride, and see what happened to the Carousel of Progress in 1993.

1994.... one by one the attractions shut. Concepts and construction of New Tomorrowland, including the on ewe didn`t get, and a tour of the new land, day and night. Spin on the Astro Orbiter, then see what the original version of Alien Encounter was like, followed by the changes and highlights for version 2. Finally see the history of the Transportarium, and highlights of From Time to Time (with the finalised source audio wink.gif )

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