Be sure to watch in HD, fullscreen, volume up. This is a world within a face, a universe in a close-up, a visual tapestry of history within one gaze. Meet KAI FACE by artist Miss Aniela, a giant photograph digitally collaged with hundreds of ancient Chinese paintings. Creatures, objects, landscapes, lettering and leagues of people collide in one surrealistic remix.

Many months of work went into creating the final piece, to hang in Kai Mayfair, an exquisite restaurant in west London which commissioned the piece especially for its space. This video intends to encapsulate the wealth of details in the image and the vast scale of its size, but which will always be best experienced 'in the flesh'. The artwork, approx 2.3m high, is strictly limited to a large-scale edition of only 3 (+1 artist's proof).

Music by Matt Lennard. Edited by Miss Aniela.

Kai Face: Shot with Phase One 645DF and IQ160. Model is Alton Mashbayar. Blue eye - Jade Bianca. Assistant Matt Lennard. With thanks to Eric Joakim, and Bernard Yeoh / Kai Mayfair.

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