This video tutorial teaches you how to get up on a wakeboard. This is the most basic technique in wakeboarding, and it is essential to be able to perform any other tricks. You are going to start in the water the your feet locked into the board. You will need to be wearing a life jacket. Have your driver start idling the boat forward to develop slight tension on the tow rope. As the driver moves forward and tension develops, you want to be leaning and floating on your back. You will have the board perpendicular to the direction you are going, which will immediately start giving you resistance. Slightly bend your knees and have the rope directly in between them. Once you are ready and in position, with the rope slightly taught and a stable foundation, you need to signal your driver that you are ready to ride. The driver's job is very important. As the boat moves, water pressure will develop in front of the board. This is what you need in order to get up. However, if the driver goes to slow, this pressure build up will be long and drawn out, and you will probably bail on the rope as you struggle. If the driver takes off too fast, the rope may just be yanked from your hands. You will develop a relationship with your driver and this may take a little practice, but you will figure out how fast to go with practice.

Once your driver figures out how much throttle to apply, you can start riding. What will happen as the boat accelerates and the pressure develops, a swell will be created in front of the board. You need to push off of this swell with your legs and allow your body to come up and over it. If you push to early, you can push yourself under the swell and you will not get up. If you try to muscle up with your arms, your board may sink and you will go down instead of up. This will be heavy, and will pull significantly on your arms. You are physically overcoming your body weight with water pressure, so this takes strength. Once you start overcoming the swell, turn to your hips to the comfortable riding side with your lead hand holding the handle around hip level. If you have completed all of these steps, you should be comfortably riding on top of the wake. Do not get frustrated. This can take a long time to learn, but once you get it, you will able to start learning new tricks and enjoy wakeboarding. Good luck, and thank you for watching.

FLESERFITNESS is not responsible for anyone hurt or injured attempting anything here.

Video instructed by Jon Brisco

Video produced by Ray Fleser

Music: Good Life by One Republic

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