Curious about what it's like to spend a day at R29 HQ? How often do we show up wearing the same outfit? How much sushi do we order in a week? Are there really dogs running around the office? We know, these are the questions that keep you up at night. Well, skip the Ambien—this exclusive, behind-the-scenes look inside our Cooper Square digs is your chance to see what really goes down during office hours.

via R29

Starring Alexandra Fiber & Danielle Gibson
Guest Starring Annie Georgia Greenberg, Alexandria Gurule, Connie Wang, and Isabel Cafaro of R29
Written by Alexandra Fiber and Danielle GIbson

Directed by Matt Kazman
Director of Photography Alfredo Alcantara
Gaffer - Ted Maroney
Grip - Greg Harriott
Hair and Makeup by Ciara Rose Griffin

Thumbnail photo by Amelia Alpaugh for Refinery29

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