I'm looking for women and men who believe passionately in the power of good ideas. People who feel happy after helping others succeed.

We sometimes forget that when our local, State, and Federal elected officials succeed, Australia's toughest challenges are crushed.

Do you believe that political leaders need good ideas to "bubble" to the top so they can see them clearly? Ideas that rise from the very community they serve.

There's a lot of people in Australia with good ideas who can help them. They just lack empowerment and inspiration.

Let's give it to them.

It's called SOAP BOXX. (thesoapboxx.com.au)

But before SOAP BOXX can become a reality, I need to raise $6,200 on Pozible (crowd-funding website) to upgrade the prototype I've built. It's an "ALL OR NOTHING" campaign so I've really got to get the word out.

If you cannot give money, then give your encouragement. "Like" the SOAP BOXX fan page (under Community) or follow me on Twitter (@SoapBoxxOz).

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