Kathy Farrell, Curator / Director of For Drawing Sake Group — vimeo.com/user14831738

People who draw or doodle during meetings actually retain on average, 29% more information.
(Journal of, Applied Cognitive Psychology, Jackie Andrade, University of Plymouth, England)

Sunni Brown (TED, Benefits of Doodling/Drawing) — ted.com/talks/sunni_brown
Sunni Brown (Benefits of Doodling/Drawing) — vimeo.com/16104097
Sunni Brown — sunnibrown.com

For Drawing Sake (past show)
July 27th – October 14th, 2007
Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo)


The exhibition featured works by Drawing Club members, Jim Downer, Kathleen Farrell, Joe Hendrick, Peter Monacelli, and Jason Smith. Each artist primarily works in traditional or non-traditional drawing media while keeping daily sketchbooks. A variety of approaches to drawing were explored in this exhibition as each artist claimed a gallery wall—displaying framed and unframed works, small sketches and napkin drawings.

“For drawing’s sake”
We draw to explore.

We draw to discover ourselves.

We draw because we want to know.

We draw because Leonardo did,

and Stewart Davis did,

and Käthe Kollwitz did,

and Ellsworth Kelly did,

and Pollock did,

and Vincent did.

We draw instead of taking drugs, or booze
, or giving into depression.

We draw to be poets and comedians, 
to laugh at politics and death.

We draw because we love to, because we have to.

In the words of the poet T.S. Elliott,

“And the end of all of our exploring is to arrive at were we started and know the place for the first time.”
We draw for drawings sake.

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