“Trace Africa” being an offspring of “Trace Urban” and “Trace Tropical” with similar programming slots, 360 was able to use the films shot for its sister networks to create the “Trace Africa” show idents.
Each film uses an iconic object to embody the show’s core concept, or employ characters to tell a story relevant to the programming slot.
The black and white footage is punched up by color cartridges and bold typography features, that identify each show or its programming slot.
In practice, our source black and white footage was re-edited using african music tracks, while the color schemes used on titles were revisited to match Trace Africa’s color codes.

Produced by : Flore Biet, Nicolas Bénac, Ezequiel Borovinsky
Post-Production Supervisor : Leandro Pugliese
Directors of Photography : Santiago Melazzini, Ian Scigliuzzi
Production Assistants : Daniela Tagliabue, Alexandre Nothis
Editor : Nicolas Bénac
2D Motion Designers : Vincent Dumond


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