One Saturday morning I wanted to tidy up the back of my house a bit and film myself working and create a time lapse . Instead of shooting video I wanted to take a sequence of photos over a course of couple of hours in equal intervals. I run a simple app through my 5D Mk2, put it together and this is the result.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II
Lens: EF 28-105mm
DSLR Remote Pro (Windows only) allows you to fully control your camera from a PC over USB cable
Edited in Final Cut Pro
Video Compressor: H.264
Frame rate: 24fps
F number: 4
ISO was set to 200 and no auto light setting. And since the weather was quite tricky that day you can see how dynamic the light was.
Next time I would set up aspect ratio of the stills to mach some video size convention as they ended up being 1680×1080. I didn’t want to crop anything afterward as I was quite happy with the composition based on three even horizontal stripes.
The script triggered the shutter every 1.8 seconds, took 4000 photos in 120 minutes.
Image setting: JPEG small/fine.
My 5D2 has a battery grip with 2 LP-E6’s fully charged. At the end of the process the battery level was at 75% – not bad. However, I had preview set to OFF and nothing showing in the display (hit INFO. button twice on your camera). Images can be saved to both PC Hard Drive or/and the camera memory card. In my case I was not able to set it to camera only application error.

Music: Kusanagi – Electro Dori

MMIX © by Make Some Tea

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