We're Mother Falcon, a band from Austin, Texas, and we're nearing completion on our second album.

It doesn't have a title yet, but it does have a long list of new songs that we've been crafting since we recorded Alhambra in 2011.

Mother Falcon has a lot of members. We have a lot of instruments too, and musical ideas and touring plans and dreams of teaching young musicians and scoring films and writing better and better songs.

What we don't have, at this point, is a label. We don't have someone to pay for the recording, mixing, mastering and duplication of our music. We don't have an army, or even a platoon, of publicists, booking agents, and interns alerting the world every time we release a record and sending us out on the road, setting up radio performances, contacting bloggers, and sending out promotional materials.

What we do have is you.

So we're humbly asking if you'll help us be our own label, so that we can do all the things necessary to produce an album that reaches a large audience.

With your help, we'll fund the mixing, mastering, duplication, distribution and promotion of our second record, which we aim to release in May. Then, we'll take it to New York in June and Los Angeles in August and play as many darn shows as we can.

And we'll make it worth your while. As you'll see below, you can get recordings, t-shirts, songwriting coaching, private performances, and all manner of other exciting gifts for helping us out.

Thanks for all of your support,
Mother Falcon

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