This is the result of our pre-production work in Bremen. We are working on our new project 'Five days to dance'.
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A couple of dancers appear one morning in the classroom of a school. It's Monday and they announce to the group of teenagers that they have five days to get on stage and dance.
One week to change things. A short deadline. A brief choreography but a great challenge: Move the people while the world paralyzes us.
The dance makes these youngsters to break their roles just at the time of their lives in which social roles are taking place. The pretty girl is no longer the most admired, the timid steps forward ... Dancing makes them touch each other. They communicate, they are equal. Some will not feel free until the last moment.
Wilfried Van Poppel and Amaya Lubeigt are the choreographers. He is Dutch, she is from Spain. They are linving in Bremen. Two dancers who worked with Pina Bausch, Susanne Linke and Urs Dietrich and now have decided to work with people who have never danced before.

Dance is their common language. No matter where. This is their challenge: five days, a class of teenagers, a microcosm in which occurs a small big-bang.

MUSIC: 'To build a home' / The Cinematic Orchestra.

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