This short film was shot over two separate day’s in late 2012 and the final edit was completed in January 2013. I was intrigued to, and honored to be able to spend this time with Alice White out of her busy schedule. She was very open and extremely helpful in the making of this two-part interview into her life and work with great candor and passion. Which I feel can be seen in the nature of her articulation and depth of the response to questions put to her.

Filmed on the Nikon D800 and using only three lens, the Nikkor 1:1.4D 50mm Nikkor 1:2.8P 45mm and the Nikkor 1:1.8 D 85mm lenses. The light used was all natural daylight apart for the available artificial strip lighting at the location, which I had off completely for the second day filming, hence the contrasting light and dark shades towards the latter part of Part Two. I really have no trouble with this but some may say that I should have used daylight lights to fill and control to scene.

I really hope that you enjoy this look into the life of a passionate working artist in South East London.


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